How did I get interested in minimalism?

After being referred to a minimalist style blog, Unfancy, by a friend, I got hooked on everything the blog was about. At Unfancy, Caroline blogs about her 37-piece wardrobe and how she makes minimalism work for her closet. I scoured her past posts and soaked it all in.

Not long after reading through a few posts, I was won over by the capsule wardrobe idea. Caroline’s reasons for creating a capsule wardrobe resonated with me. She says a capsule wardrobe “represents more time and energy for what really matters.” I went home that very day and took about six bags of clothes to the donation center.

While working on my own capsule wardrobe, I felt liberated. Each item of clothing I took out of my closet was so refreshing. Items that I had been holding on to just in case, for sentimental reasons, because I may be able to fit into it again someday, because it was expensive, and so many other reasons. I finally had the motivation that I never had before to toss these items that have been keeping me captive. Guilt kept me from getting rid of clothing that I didn’t even wear. With a capsule wardrobe you carefully plan your clothing purchases and only buy the items that you love, removing the guilt.

I became curious about what else I could get rid of and then moved on to other rooms in my house. Every weekend I took at least two bags of stuff to the donation center for several weeks in a row. Each item that I could take out of my house was a breath of fresh air and motivated me to keep digging deeper into the concept of minimalism.

After the initial excitement of decluttering my house, I began to realize that this is what I had been missing from my spiritual life. I needed to declutter my mind, thoughts, actions, hobbies and relationships to be able to spend more time on my relationship with God. I needed to cut out the worldly excess that had crept into a prevalent spot in my life.

That brings me to here and now. I hope you follow my journey into minimalism and how that opens up time, energy and money for what really matters in life. Along with my endeavors into minimalism, I will also be posting summaries of what I am learning and how I am growing with all that extra time and energy.

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